"Toughness is not how strong you are, but what you can endure." — Jim Bonfield

The Foundation

The Bonfield Express Foundation is a fast-growing local charity working to build character and community commitment in high school students. The Foundation does this by providing scholarship assistance to high school seniors to help build future community leaders. Through the generous support of this important mission by sponsors and local families, the Foundation’s funding has distributed more than $300,000 in scholarships and begun funding programs for local grade school students who demonstrate Jim Bonfield's personal perseverance, strong moral character, joy of learning and commitment to community.

The Spirit Lives On

In October 2003, we lost Jim Bonfield to complications of Hodgkin’s Disease, Leukemia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. His accomplishments in life were many, as a father, teacher, coach and dean of students for more than three decades at Downers Grove South High School. He was an example to the children he encountered on the playing field and in his office, always encouraging with positive motivation. But his influence as a person went far beyond his professional career.

His students became his friends for life and his lifetime friends became his fans. He is remembered for his smile and optimistic nature, for his love of family, for his appreciation of our community and for his devotion to wringing every moment of value from life. Jim danced until his feet could no longer hold him up. 

Thanksgiving was always Jim's favorite holiday, so it's only fitting to honor his memory with the Bonfield Express on Thanksgiving morning.


Lane Blondell
Matthew Blondell
Mike Busse
Jeff Cozzo
David Gassen
Deborah Hare
Russ Hare
Dianne Hlinsky
Don Hlinsky
Debbie Hoalt
Maggie Kent
Kevin Keogh
Denise Macdonald
John Macdonald
Marie Pebler
Ned Toler

foundation Board Members

Annette Bonfield – President 
Jim Bonfield – Vice President
Pat O'Flaherty and Jillian Blondell – Secretaries
Dan Cozzo – Treasurer
Will Kupisch – 5K Race Director
Susan Toler – Registration Director

Character. Commitment. Community.